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Schumann Resonance

           Not just older people but young people as well have the feeling that everything has accelerated. Yesterday was the Carnival, Holy Week in a short time and a little later Christmas. This feeling is illusory or has a real basis?

             Schumann resonance can give an explanation. German physicist W.O. Schumann found in 1952 that the Earth is surrounded by a strong electromagnetic field, which forms the bottom of the ionosphere, about 100 km above us. This field has a resonance (the Schumann resonance), approximately equal to 7.83 pulses per second.

           It's like a memory responsible for the balance of the biosphere, natural environment upon which all life depend. All vertebrates and our brains have the same frequency of 7.83 hertz.  Empirically it seemed that we can not be healthy apart from this natural biological frequency. When astronauts went to space travel, went from Schumann resonance, and got sick.

          If they were subjected to a Schumann simulator, they would recover their balance and health. For thousands of years, Earth's heartbeat had this frequency of 7.83 pulses and developed a life of relative ecological balance. It seems that since the 80s, and slightly increased in the 90s, the rate went from 7,83 to 11 and 13 hertz.

           The heart of the planet was disturbed. As a result, ecological imbalances have emerged: climate disruptions, increased volcanic activity, large tensions escalated into a world conflict, the overall increase in deviant behavior in humans, etc.. 

            Because of this general acceleration, 24 hours a day is perceived as having only 16. Therefore, the perception that all goes too fast is not illusory. It was real basic change in the Schumann resonance.
It may advance a recurrent theory, between cosmologists and biologists , where the Earth is actually a living superorganism, we and the planet form a single entity.

            That we human beings are ''earth'' who feels, thinks, loves and worships. Why? Because we have the same bioelectric nature and we are surrounded by  the same waves of the Schumann Resonance.
                   Gaia, the living superorganism is Mother Earth, it needs to find natural balance ...like any living organism, but it is not known what price will be paid by the biosphere and humans.
                  This opens room for esoteric groups and other futurists who will design scenarios, when dramatic with terrible catastrophe, when hopeful, such as the emergence of the fourth dimension, that all beings will be more intuitive, more spiritual and more biorhythm sync with the planet. 

             The Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth surface and the ionosphere.
             In general, the African peak is the strongest, reflecting the major contribution of the African 'chimney' to the global lightning activity. The ranking of the two other peaks - Asian and American - is the subject of a vigorous dispute among Schumann resonance scientists. Schumann resonance observations made from Europe show a greater contribution from Asia than from South America.

             This contradicts optical satellite and climatological lightning data that show the South American thunderstorm center stronger than the Asian center although observations made from North America indicate the dominant contribution comes from South America. The reason for such disparity remains unclear, but may have something to do with the 60hz cycling of electricity used in North America (60hz being a mode of Schumann Resonance).
             Williams and Satori suggest that in order to obtain correct Asia-America chimney ranking, it is necessary to remove the influence of the day/night variations in the ionospheric conductivity (day-night asymmetry influence) from the Schumann resonance records. On the other hand, such corrected records presented in the work by Satori et al. show that even after the removal of the day-night asymmetry influence from Schumann resonance records, the Asian contribution remains greater than American.

              Similar results were obtained by Pechony et al. who calculated Schumann resonance fields from satellite lightning data. It was assumed that the distribution of lightning in the satellite maps was a good proxy for Schumann excitations sources, even though satellite observations predominantly measure in-cloud lightning rather than the cloud-to-ground lightning that are the primary exciters of the resonances.
Both simulations those neglecting the day-night asymmetry, and those taking this asymmetry into account, showed same Asia-America chimney ranking. As for today, the reason for the invert ranking of Asia and America chimneys in Schumann resonance records remains unclear and the subject requires further, targeted research.

                       Modeling Schumann resonances on the planets and moons of the Solar System is complicated by the lack of knowledge of the waveguide parameters. No in situ capability exists today to validate the results, but in the case of Mars there have been terrestrial observations of radio emission spectra that suggest the presence of Schumann resonances and there is the possibility that future lander missions could carry in situ instrumentation to perform the necessary measurements. Theoretical studies are primarily directed to parameterizing the problem for future planetary explorers.

                      The existence of Schumann-like resonances is conditioned primarily by two factors: (1) a closed, planetary-sized spherical cavity, consisting of conducting lower and upper boundaries separated by an insulating medium. For the earth the conducting lower boundary is its surface, and the upper boundary is the ionosphere. Other planets may have similar electrical conductivity geometry, so it is speculated that they should possess similar resonant behavior. (2) source of electrical excitation of electromagnetic waves in the ELF range. Within the Solar System there are five candidates for Schumann resonance detection besides the Earth: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and its moon Titan.


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