"Life is not about what we know, but what we don't know, craving the unthinkable makes it so amazing, that is worth dying for." Doru Indrei
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Whether Einstein is wrong too... ...

          Albert Einstein once said: "I wanna know God's thoughts, in a mathematical way"

                   The idea that space-time forms a whole, there is an unbreakable link between matter and energy, the light beam is made ​​of "grains" called photons, and that it may be also a particle and wave at the same time, and with this occasion inventing the notion of quantum and launching in a harsh way, science called quantum mechanics. 
                   In all four "papers" (article), as in "theory of relativity extended," that would occur in 1919, the divine author, physics texts Albert Einstein draw, with elegance, precision and genius the new physics of the twentieth century and  following. And his work came from the first shot, so well knit, physicists today say that,  is clear, the formulas have been whispered in the ear of Albert by an angel all wise, or perhaps directly by God.
                  Especially after "enlargement" of relativity theory, utterly brilliant Einstein worked not in all years of his celebrity following, but to unification of universal forces - ie: electromagnetism, gravity, strong force (by linking atoms) and the weak force (intraatomic ) - which leaves unfinished work in the decade of the 20th century, when leaving to meet with his Creator and the laws of physics.
                  Now, in the century since, contemporary physicists getting out of silent admiration and starting gossiping on Albert: for Albert Einstein, they say, has made ​​mistakes over mistakes. Well.. he has done, viz: 
               - First and foremost he said out loud - in fact, decreed ... - that the universe is static, but because his own equations depict the universe in motion, the brilliant physicist invented a coefficient for targeting it, an energy lambda that hinder the expansion of the cosmos, and to maintain  it, still. When astronomer Edwin Hubble demonstrates, however, unquestionably, that the galaxies move away from each other, so the universe is expanding, Albert puts ashes on the head: "I was wrong!" 
                 However, physicists today say the expansion was there, in  Einstein's equations - and he did not know to read the meaning! 
But dilemma's end is apoteotic: inventing more complex and sophisticated tools for observing , astronomers and cosmologists have launched in complicated cosmogonic theories, and more recently come to accept the idea of ​​the existence of a so-called "dark energy" that would be based on 73% of the constitution of the universe.  But for this theory to work for, who you think is needed? 
The incriminating number one, Albert. 
Which means that the genius Einstein thought that was wrong, he was not wrong! ... And about the universe, according to theory of Saul Perlmutter, that not only it expands, but is in an accelerated expansion, which will make in a few hundreds billion years sky above the earth (if earth will exist then) to be pitch black, completely devoid of stars. 

              Strange, this hypothesis is slipped somewhere in the Einsteinian Articles of 1905! 
              The second error: although he had written in his works, Albert Einstein did not recognize the existence of  "black holes", even had a fight with the young german physicist Schwartzschild when he tried to show'em: "stupid notions, nonsense" brilliant gafeur said. 
              The third mess-up of Einstein where he threw the physical world in, was simply paradoxical, the great quantum physicist predicts the existence of quantum energy but ... rejects quantum mechanics, fierce fight against it, denies the possibility of intervention in the phenomena  ("God does not play dice!") he says, and receives from his opponent, Niels Bohr, a response as "Albert, do not teach God what to do !"
            The Quantum Mechanics launched by Einstein from instinct, is the battlefield of today's physicists. Finally, is launched in a theoretical sort of mud, trying to unify the forces of physics, and wasting many years, turning concepts, that he failed to link
            Mistake? Back then, yes. Now, using string theory, physicists seem to bind between their virtual strings, a universe that is good, obeys all laws discovered (decreed? Invented? Imposed?) by ... Albert Einstein. 
                    It remains some questions. I strung one after another, I invite you to give yourself the answers - if you can or if, as in Einstein's situation, you are in direct communication with the Designer of the universe.  

           Questions are:  

How to reconcile gravity with quantum mechanics?
What are - where they come from - space and time?
What is a black hole made of?
What was before Big Bang?
Why is the universe accelerating in expansion and does not slow down according to the equation?
And last, most troubling: the universe is heading towards what?

           Well, to some of these questions, recent science gave us the answers, but still not 100% certain. 

by "environment clean generations"

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