"Life is not about what we know, but what we don't know, craving the unthinkable makes it so amazing, that is worth dying for." Doru Indrei
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The Photon Belt

                  This phenomenon was discovered in 1962. However, information was not released until much later and to only a small number of people. The Photon Belt and related radiation have much greater impact than we could imagine. From a scientific standpoint, it is the rotation of our solar system (together with all its planets) around the central galaxy Sun called Alcyone (in the constellation Pleiades).
                  In the early '80s, in the U.S. at a radio was made an ad, such as our solar system will "collide" with an electromagnetic cloud "over not many years." This nebula was then called the Photon Belt.
                 The entire universe is held together by vortices, including centripetal vortexes of energy, with their associated electromagnetic fields. This spiral of energy give rise to natural orbits in space and time: satellites around planets, planets around stars, solar systems around other vortices major centers and so on - forever.
                 It consists of many photonic bands, emanating from the galaxy center and associated with the spirals of the Milky Way. Try to imagine a few solar systems in a great revolution orbit around the star Alcyone, but wrap it with some imaginary picture of the toroid coils. This is the Photon Belt. 

              A complete rotation is achieved in 25,860 years. Our entire solar system, so the Earth and Moon together, must undergo twice during a complete rotation through the photon belt. Time distance between the two moments is of 10,500 years, during which darkness is overwhelming. After these 10,500 years following entry into the photon belt that lasts 2000 years and is a time of spiritual growth for the entire planetary system.
                If we consider, 2 x 10 500 + 2 x 2000 = 25,000 years.

                    When will we ''collide''?

Many say it is difficult to predict, given that the belt is irregular oscillations.
Sources that have been channeled from the Pleiades say the solar system came into ring for a week in 1987, little more time next year, but that 1998 is already in full sun. They say that Earth will not come only in 2012.
            Is an electromagnetic phenomenon, the same photon, which is a light particle of electromagnetic radiation. Photon Belt is a vast region of space that radiates an intense electromagnetic radiation in both the visible spectrum, and in the invisible high frequency of light, even including X-ray spectrum. 

              The media has already warned that in certain regions of the planet, there will be a dangerous increase in radiation intensity entering through the hole in the ozone layer. With the entry of the solar system in the belt are expected spectacular temporary effects . Earth is around the Sun in its orbit, so it is or in front or behind the Sun, if we think in linear belt entry. Consequently, either the Sun or Earth will enter first. It is impossible to predict exactly, since the belt expands and contracts at a time.  
            If the Sun enters first into the Belt, they say that there will be 3 to 5 days of total darkness and all sources of electricity will fall. If Earht will be the first into the Belt, results in unimaginable intense light.
            Upon entry the Photon Belt we experience an electric shock immediately, about a tenth of a second, but not dangerous. Other sources say that around the Earth there will be an intense light, then a sudden compression and expansion of the atmosphere. If they are true, then the skies will be a long time full of bright light, that might lead to blindness on the unprotected. This light is expected to occur in the last three days.
            Another spectacular feature is the intense activity  effect of photons on matter . There will be a high excatation of atoms, causing fluorescence of all bodies. As major results, there will beno  night for 2,000 years. 
                           The photon cloud has a high density of electrons and positrons (antielectrons).
In physics when a particle and antiparticle collide, both are annihilated, with a huge release of radiant energy - photons. The presence of  these free positrons will interfere with the terrestrail electricity consisted of electrons
which will lead to a electric shock. However, the photon energy as a result of collisions between electrons and positrons will become a major source of clean and free energy. 
            Belt can be divided into three areas:
1. Entry zone zero, where we will stay 5-6 days and will include 72 hours of total darkness.
2. Entry in the main, with light 24 hours a day, continuously for 2,000 years.
3. Output of belt, by void area, another 5-6 days.

                 According to Mayan prophecies, on December 22, 2012 we will definitely come in radiant field belt. In the next 10 years, the planet Earth and its neighbors will adjust their molecular structures. Thus, all molecules and atoms of all bodies known to be excatated - which will create a new constant type of light and : a non-hot light, light without temperature that will produce no shadows. If Earth enterns first, will produce a phenomenon similar to a planetary fire: the entire area will become brighter, yet not actual fire/combustion.
                   The next question is: "What's the link between the Photon Belt and spirituality?"  Both radiation itself and the belt are vehicles of necessary transformation and transmutation of an evolutionary cycle. As we move into the photon belt, we have to put ourselves in harmony with its vibrations, or risk to still remain in the third dimension. If we refuse to evolve, we should not complain that we remain as we are. Of course some of us learn harder than others ... 
                       The effects of the Photon Belt 
                    Here is the source of radiant energy of Christ, an energy of compassion and love. These  spiritual vehicles , if we use'em, we have a chance to overcome the limitations that we underwent. However, our choice is entirely yours. Free will shall prevail
  • Multiple astronomical events (eclipses, transits, etc.) will cause a subtle training, unseen but effectively for the human beings on this planet.. Thus, issues of selfishness and materialism but actual human relationships will be exacerbated. The old patterns of denial of reality will prove ineffective and will be shattered. Lying and pretending are dying. Instead, love and compassion fill the entire planet.
  • Several major events will take place on the planet, in terms of thinking and action in general. All are designed to destroy the old three-dimensional disharmonious energies, including those between you and me. If it is up to each, purification will be brutal or gradual. If you sincerely accept the new energies of love, or, conversely, if we are stubborn in the way of life today. 
  • To be prepared in connection with the transformation of space-time that comes, our physical bodies must be compatible with the new world, such as entry into Christ-consciousness to be easy. 
  • It is expected that DNA chain (which now has two components) to reach 12 by rearranging the components and activation of certain genes in the currently unused (called, of ignorance, ballast genes).
    Christ energy acts as a catalyst for these processes. Thus, many people become clairvoyant, telepath, healers, etc.. Just as Jesus predicted. Now more than ever, we must recognize the Divine Will and act almost always consistent with it. Our thoughts are very powerful energies to be directed very precisely controlled towards beneficial purposes, divin. 

    •  By entering Photon Belt, Earth rotation will reduce due to reduction of solar rotation, the temperature will drop and ice fields will stretch to 40 degrees in latitude in both hemispheres.
    • Will be inhabited only areas around the equator, even though it will not be as today because of changing axis poles. But the ice will not last long due to lack of rain and will soon begin constant radiation bombing that will melt the ice. Waters will rise 900 meters. When they withdraw, we will have a "new heaven and a new earth." Imminent disaster will mark the beginning of a new cycle, a cycle of Light, of Peace, Justice.  
      •      The Photon Belt is part of a group of energy from the seventh dimension, which has energy bands all around the Galactic Sun. One of these bands run from the constellation of Leo and Aquarius until the Platonic Year break in two galactic nights and two galactic days.
      •       Angels can use this energy from the 7th dimension, to activate during sleep time, chakras Light disciples and those who demand it and are prepared to receive.
        • These energies produce changes at subatomic level, in all of Creation.  This will make the transition into the 4th dimension, then in the 5th.  
        • Those who reject evolution are subjected to an implosion and will continue to occur in other systems of the third dimension, where they will be free to continue their conflict, polarization, fear and war, so will be able to clean their own energetic bodies of these negative programs. 

        But the greatest benefit for the Earth and Solar System will be entering as a member of the Galactic Confederation: we become citizens of the cosmos and for the first time, we know who we are and where we came from.

        "by environment clean generations"





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